Via F. Robolotti 25
Cremona, Italy, 26100
(+39) 0372-20141

The Musician

I started to study the piano when still very young and gained a diploma in both violin and viola at the Bari Conservatoire. I took part in many performances with a wide range of chamber groups and orchestras, giving concerts both in Italy and abroad. I also undertook recordings and concert tours with the renowned orchestra of the "Teatro Petruzelli di Bari"

The Violin Maker

My passion for music and stringed instruments gave me the motivation to study at The International Violin Making School of Parma. Having completed my diploma under the expert guidance of Maestro Scrollavezza, I opened my own workshop in the city of Cremona.

Throughout my career I have always been inspired by the great makers of the past and I aim to recreate this tradition and character in my work and yet maintain a spontaneity and personality that is my own - never forgetting the ultimate objective of any instrument - how it sounds.