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Cremona, Italy, 26100
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My Works

It is the privilege of the musician to create "art" with a work of art.

There is an indefinable aspect of violin making that I find most compelling: I make instruments that over time acquire unique character and "personality", which spring from the maker and the musician both giving something of themselves to the sound. Time then plays her part, adding the charisma that great instruments are never without. The challenge of modern violin making is to enter the arena with a "form", The Violin, which since its appearance in the late renaissance has remained almost unaltered, and has reached such levels of perfection that the smallest change can damage the impression of unity.

Even today, in the construction of instruments we use techniques that have been inherited from the classical tradition, in an attempt, perhaps, to not break that delicate thread that connects us with the knowledge and wisdom of the past. By using models inspired by A, S, and G, and preparing my varnishes personally, according to recipes that were already well known in the 16th century I am able to create instruments that have the life and patina of the age. The choice of wood is most important. in search of the "ideal" sound it is seasoned for years and selected both for its aesthetic and acoustic qualities. Instinct and sensitivity guide the maker on his creative journey,which amounts to making a musical instrument out of insignificant pieces of wood.